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Meal Planning; So Much To Cook, So Little Time

Meal Planning is asking the ‘what’s for dinner’ question once for the whole week, instead of every night, then shopping for and prepping the ingredients before cooking. Focusing on the busy, economic savvy individual who understands the value of the term ‘there’s food at home’, a key part of meal planning is having the appropriate storage accessories, like the Tescoma and Brabantia products in the Food Storage subsection of the Cookware & Storage section of our website.

So You’re A Busy, Busy Person…

You’ve just gotten off work. It was a long day, so much to do, as usual. As tired and probably hungry as you are by the time you get home, do you really have the strength to think of and whip up something to eat? Probably not? We thought so. And, hey, you have to eat something before bed to have the strength to get back up tomorrow and do it all over again. Weekends are probably the only days you’re free, and even then you probably have to catch up with chores and errands. Then you can cook, whatever it is you’d like. Weekdays though? There simply isn’t enough time. So when you do have the time, how about thinking ahead; remembering when you won’t have the luxury to cook basically anything come the following week. How about, preparing the ingredients at least, or even the entire meal itself, so that when those weeknights come and you’re nothing but tired, all you’ll have to do is pop something wholesome into the microwave and call it a night? Convenience at its best. So where does one store all this food and/or ingredients? How about in one (or all) of the Tescoma Fresh Zone 3-Piece Container Set. Retailing at kshs. 4,090, pieces from this set are safe to store food in the refrigerator and freezer, to keep it fresh for whenever you’ll be ready to consume it. Not to mention they're microwave friendly so no need for plates! Warm up the contents and eat straight from the container; saves you some time cleaning up afterwards. These grade A, quality containers also do not become discolored nor absorb any odor, so you need not worry about your pasta smelling like the fish you made and stored in the same container last week.

If You'd Rather Only Ever Store Ingredients, We Have Specific Containers For Just That

From grains to cereals, keep your food fresher for longer in any of the Brabantia Stackable Glass Jars sold here on our website from kshs. 1,245. Their lids have silicon seals, making the jars airtight, ensuring your food retains its wonderful odor. They are available in various sizes so you are free to choose those specific to what you will be storing, whether in the refrigerator or your shelf. Not to mention they are space efficient since they’re stackable. If you’d rather it not be too obvious to know what’s in your storage containers, the Brabantia Window Canister is the one for you. Retailing at kshs. 1,295, its antistatic plastic window gives you a heads up on whether you’re running low on something or not. They're available in a wide variety of colors, bet we have one that you would love to purchase. Last but definitely not least are the Brabantia Square Canisters. They are similar to the glass jars only that these are made of plastic, have different color lids from the Brabantia Tasty line and, as their name suggests, they’re square. They retail from kshs. 995, depending on the size.

Whether doing so to save money, time, amount of labour used in the kitchen or probably just because, meal planning is not possible without the appropriate storage containers. Get yourself one from a variety of the ones available on our site today today to aid in your meal planning journey.

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