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Matching Your Space With Your Personality

How convenient it is for someone to walk into your home and immediately have an idea of who you are. Saves you an awkward few minutes of small talk, what a relief. For the pursuit of uniqueness and personification you can turn to the Sirocco products sold here at Homely Kenya to make your home, office, room...wherever deemed as your space, solely yours.

Mirrors As Decor

A wall mirror in the hallway? Near the front door? In the bathroom? The options are endless. Mirrors are considered both art and functional pieces. The Sirocco Classy Wall Mirror’s simple yet unique and eye-catching design adds a touch of minimalistic elegance to any wall, whichever wall you will see fit (your house, your rules). Retailing at kshs. 25,500, this strong, durable and easy to clean mirror with an impressive-looking round frame is sure to make a statement wherever you will choose to place it. If a wall mirror is not for you, we have the Sirocco Baroque Full Length Mirror; this timeless, well architectured piece is sure to turn heads wherever it is placed. Sold on our website for kshs. 30,500, purchase either this or the wall mirror (or both?) and have it delivered safely to you.

Displaying Your Memories In Style

From single picture frames to collage frames, we have a variety that are sure to be conversation starters. Be careful, they may outshine the pictures themselves! Whether you prefer a simple design to a more complicated one, one with or one without rhinestones, a standing or a wall frame, we have them all. Ranging from kshs. 1,500 to kshs. 4,750, browse through our Sirocco photo frame collection to decide what best suits you, your space and your pictures.

Adding A Touch of Flare to Dull Furniture

The tops of tables, cabinets, drawers and many more surfaces are plain. And flat. They are perfect for displaying decor. Be it decorative plates or platters, a vase full of flowers, or even sculptures, there are multiple options on how to customize your space further. A plain table top dressed with any of the Sirocco decorative plates for example is sure to make the piece of furniture pop. Ranging from kshs. 2,150 to kshs. 7,350, choose from a wide selection on our website and get what uniquely defines you. The top of a book shelf could surely look more alive with freshly cut flowers in any of the stylish, remarkable Sirocco vases found on our site, ranging from kshs. 1,600 to kshs. 10,600. Not to mention the scent of said flowers will freshen up the atmosphere.

Speaking of the atmosphere...

There is the option of having your space represent you through sensory stimulating decor. You might have guessed it; beautifully packaged, colorful, durable scented candles. We have an array of Sirocco scented candles ranging from kshs. 1,050 to kshs. 1,500. Choose between  a candle in a glass jar or regular ol’ candle, to be placed in any of the Sirocco candle holders which range from kshs. 1,000 to kshs. 5,700 depending on the size of the candle to be placed in the holder. Have your space smell wonderful and be visually appealing as well; and amazing 2-in-1 deal, don’t you think?


These are just a few of many ways you could make a generic space exclusively tailored for you, to represent you. Browse and shop for these and more Sirocco products under the accent section of our website and have them delivered directly to you, wherever you would please, for your convenience.

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