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If You Love Your Carpet, Invest In A Vacuum Cleaner

Be it you value your carpet, furniture, curtains, or just don’t like anywhere being dusty, a vacuum cleaner will help out immensely. The Philips ones we have under our Vacuum Cleaner Subsection of the Laundry and Cleaning section of our website are both powerful, versatile and are sure to get the job done. You might be thinking, getting a broom or wiping off dust is a lot cheaper, so why get a vacuum cleaner?

What Does A Vacuum Cleaner Do That A Broom Can’t?

All a broom does is lift up and move away larger particles of dirt, dust particles usually do not end up being picked up. A vacuum cleaner on the other hand picks up dirt, dust, debris, lint...already sounds better than a broom, doesn’t it. The suction device inside a vacuum cleaner makes this all possible. The suction motion can also be reversed, hence a vacuum cleaner can also blow away dirt instead. Considering the mentioned functions of a vacuum cleaner, it is clear that it is one versatile tool. You can remove pet hair from carpets, couches  and other furniture, dust from curtains and blinders. It is an essential tool in any home.

Cleaning will be made an effective and easy process with a vacuum cleaner. You do not need to lift furniture for example to clean underneath them since most vacuums' floorheads could fit in those spaces. House cleaning using vacuum cleaners can absorb allergens and minute organisms which could result in various health issues like eye irritation, respiratory problems, and skin problems. Cleaning using a vacuum cleaner also saves a lot of time, it is definitely a faster cleaning process as compared to using a broom for example. Vacuum cleaners also conserve water for you do not need water to clean with most vacuum cleaners.

The Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners We Have

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Just like the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners are small enough to be held by hand. They are lightweight and are almost exclusively used for cleaning up small spills. They can either be connected to a power cord or be cordless (battery-powered). Due to its size, it is not advisable to clean entire houses with this vacuum cleaner; it will be a time consuming task for it cannot store a lot of dirt at a time so one will need to constantly empty it. On the bright side, also due to its size, those impossible to reach places could be worked on by a hand-held vacuum cleaner like the Philips MiniVac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner which retails at kshs. 11,495 on our website.

Vacuum Mops

Also known as Wet Dry Vacuums or All-In-One Vacuums, they are upright vacuums which mop hard floors (is suitable for wet mopping) like wood, parquet, laminate, vinyl/linoleum, ceramics/tiles, marble/natural stone. They clean up dirt and debris and steam-clean your hard floors at the same time. Vacuums in general save you lots of time cleaning up, but these are definitely the masters in working in a timely manner since there will be no need to mop up after vacuuming (if you prefer). The fact that they have water tanks makes these vacuums a little heavy, but the multiple functions these types have is definitely worth the hassle. The Philips AquaTrio Pro is a three-in-one vacuum mop that vacuums, mops and dries your hard floors at the same time. Its highly-efficient power usage saves you up to 50% in energy consumption compared to regular vacuuming. You also use up to 70% less water compared to wet mopping. This outstanding vacuum mop retails at Kshs. 65,995 on our website.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners come with a tank that is connected to the suction pump by a hose. They are not as tiresome to use as upright vacuums since they don’t require you to push and pull the entire vacuum around where you are cleaning as much. Equipped with a long nozzle hose connected to the floorhead, the canister can stay stationary while you vacuum in the immediate area around it before rolling it to your next cleaning destination. The Philips SmallStar Vacuum cleaner is compact so you will save on storage space, runs on 1600W and costs Ksh. 13,945. A bigger option of a canister vacuum cleaner is the The Philips PowerGo Vacuum Cleaner which runs on 2000W, has a capacity of three litres and costs Ksh. 20,995.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaners have bags in their dirt collection tanks; this makes it easier to dispose of the dirt once the tank is full. One might need to occasionally  check if the bag is full for usually the fuller the bag gets, the less the suction power becomes. The bags make cleaning the tank a lot less messy and easier, but constantly having to buy the bags is an extra charge, not to mention it is not eco-friendly. Bagged vacuum cleaners however will be the better choice for persons with allergies for they will not be exposed to a lot of dirt when cleaning the vacuum cleaner. They also require less maintenance and cleaning time since the bags have filters in them so you need not clean the filters. 

If a bagged vacuum cleaner sounds like the one for you, a compact option could be the Philips SmallStar Vacuum Cleaner which retails at Kshs. 14,495 and a larger option could be the Philips PowerGo Vacuum Cleaner which retails at Kshs. 15,495.

Browse our collection of bagged Philips vacuum cleaners and make your purchase according to your needs.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners do not have bags in their dirt collection tanks, so one needs to empty the tanks out once they get full. Cleaning the tank out yourself will be messy and not ideal for people with allergies, and the cleaning process will be more time-consuming. However, getting a bagless vacuum cleaner is cheaper since you will not spend any money on bags and is very eco-friendly since you will not be adding on to the pile of countless used collection bags which cannot be recycled. If a bagless vacuum cleaner seems like the one for you, the Philips PowerPro Compact Vacuum Cleaner might be ideal and retails at Kshs. 17,995 on our website. Browse our collection of bagless Philips vacuum cleaners and purchase one that is right for you.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, it all comes down to your budget, cleaning habits and state of health (if you have allergies or not). All things considered, we are very likely to have one that will suit your needs.

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