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How Nice Would It Be To Finally Get All The Creases Off Your Clothes?

Ironing should probably be an essential life skill; who doesn’t like looking sharp? A neatly pressed outfit is sure to impress anyone. Use of quality products for ironing, like the vast range of Philips Irons and Brabantia Ironing Boards under the Ironing & Accessories subsection of the Laundry and Cleaning section of our website are sure to leave your garments looking crisp.

Also, ironing just isn’t fit for some garments, which require a, somewhat, delicate approach. The various Philips steamers under the Garment Steamers subsection of the Laundry and Cleaning section our website are sure to do the job.

Dry Irons Vs. Steam Irons

Dry Irons

A dry iron has a flat soleplate (the part that gets hot), therefore, super easy to clean. It can iron just about any fabric, provided the creases are not too stubborn. A dry iron is also budget friendly. Case and point; the Philips 1000W Dry Iron retails at kshs. 2,195 and the Philips Diva 1200W Dry Iron retails at kshs. 2,495 on our website.

Steam Irons

A steam iron’s soleplate has steam holes, being that they emit steam (the steam has to come out of somewhere). This makes it a hassle to clean, but we know you can do it. Also, being that they emit steam, they have an in-built water tank. This makes them a bit heavier than the dry irons. Steam is highly effective in removing stubborn wrinkles/creases, and the steam iron is the most versatile of the two; there is an option of turning off the steam function, so it could double up as a dry iron. This is very convenient for someone who does a lot of ironing, for it can support the easy and not-so-easy to iron fabrics. The steam function of the steam iron makes it suitable for use also on furniture and curtains. We have a vast range of Philips Steam Irons available on our website, ranging from kshs. 3,195 to kshs. 12,295, depending on the wattage and tank capacity. Not to mention they come in a diverse range of colors as well.


On whether to purchase a dry or steam iron, consider the fabric of whatever you would like to iron, the frequency of ironing and your budget. Browse our collection of irons on our website today and purchase one that suits your needs.

Ironing Boards

If you iron often, an ironing board is definitely a must-have. A good ironing board makes all the difference; the process will be faster and the ironed clothes will turn out better than if using a creaky, unstable one for example. We have standing and table-top ironing boards for you to choose from, which will work for you? Standing ironing boards are the most common and simplest to use. They are height adjustable, can fold up and are great for steam ironing. However, even though they are foldable, they still take up space so storage might be an issue, and you must stand to use them.

An alternative to the standing ironing board is the table-top ironing board; they are compact hence easy to store, you can put them on any flat surface to iron and they are cheaper than the standing ironing boards. They however take up a smaller surface area so it might be difficult to iron large pieces of clothing with.

Whichever board sounds like it  can suit your ironing needs, we have a variety of good quality, colorful and pleasing to look at Brabantia Ironing Boards. The standing ones range between kshs. 6,995-11,495 and the Brabantia Fern Shades Table-Top Ironing Board available for purchase on our website retails at kshs. 5,795. If you do iron a lot, or would just rather have one, browse our selection today and get an ironing board that suits your needs

Garment Steamers

Garment steamers quickly tidy up your clothes and remove wrinkles. All you need to do is hold it in your hand and wave it over your clothes. The steam will help smooth out wrinkles without touching the clothes directly. So if you’d rather not use an iron nor ironing board, this will work for you. It makes ironing a whole lot easier. Not only does it remove wrinkles but the steam also helps to remove dust mites and bacteria. It works quicker than an iron in terms of set up and use; you do not even have to remove the clothes from the hanger. They are also preferred over irons for use on delicate fabrics like wool or cashmere. However, as compared to either a dry or steam iron, you will not be able to get your garments as crisp-looking as they would turn out with an iron. Also, if steaming a lot of clothes, the process tends to get a lot more tiring.

If a garment steamer sounds like something you need, get the Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer retailing at kshs. 10,395, The Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer retailing at kshs. 19,445 or the Philips DailyTouch Garment Steamer retailing at kshs. 19,995, depending on your budget and garment steaming needs.

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