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Dining In In Style

Fine dining is definitely not only about the food; bet a scrumptious meal laid down for one to eat on the floor won’t be as appealing as the exact same meal perfectly placed on eye-catching tableware. The Correlle products in the Dinner Sets subsection of the Serverware section of our website are ideal, with their simple yet elegant designs, adding sophistication to home cooked meals.

Be A Hero; Eat At Home And Save Lives!

We’re obviously not promoting takeout services here; save some money too by finally using those sufurias your mother got you when you left the nest. Cooking is something you could do with all this free time, right? Since we’re currently encouraged to limit public interaction as much as possible, most of us have had to dust off our aprons and access some corners of our kitchens we forgot existed. And so you’ve done the cooking, now the best part, eating! How about making the experience an elegant affair by, let’s say, dining off the Corelle City Block Dinner Set; retailing at kshs. 8,195. It’s simple design and combo of the bread and butter plate, dinner plate and bowl is perfect for a multiple course meal. If having a solo dining experience, how about purchasing singles from this set, which range from kshs. 545 to kshs. 745.

Date Night Could Be Just As Magical At Home Too

And red being the color of love (cliche, but, hey) how about treating your significant other to a home cooked meal presented on the Corelle Splendor Coupe Dinner Set (retailing at kshs. 11,995) or the ones from the Corelle Mosaic Red array (ranging from kshs. 545 to kshs. 745) is sure to set the mood. If red is not for you, or your partner, and would prefer a meal set on simple-looking tableware instead, The Corelle Simple Lines Square Dinner Set might be ideal; it’s simple design and square shape could be just right for the meal with your special someone, retailing at kshs. 16,495. If looking for a setting for just the two of you, you could purchase singles from this set which range from kshs. 825 to kshs. 1,195.

And Now Something For The Minimalists

If you’re not one to care about patterns, colors and designs and mostly appreciate a durable, good quality plate, the Corelle Winter Frost White array is perfect for you. As the name suggests, the plain, crisp white color of the bread and butter plate, dinner plate and bowl is simple, elegant and goes with any style decor and silverware. Ranging from kshs. 545 to kshs. 1,345, set and serve your meals on these and have the food get all the attention against the plain, bare, clean background.


The products mentioned above are just a few of the wide selection of Corelle serverware we have on our site. Browse and shop for durable, well designed serverware to make your home cooked meals outstanding and probably better set than in a 5 star restaurant. That might be a stretch, but, really, these products are that good. Shop with us and have whatever you will decide to purchase delivered safely to you, for your convenience.

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