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Coffee Maker Vs. Espresso Machine, What’s The Difference?

Coffee Maker Vs. Espresso Machine, What’s The Difference?

Before diving into the nitty gritty of the machines, let us first know the difference between the end product of each machine. A coffee maker/machine makes, well, coffee, also known as filter coffee or drip coffee. An espresso machine makes espresso, the yield named after the machine’s brewing process. Both coffee and espresso are made from coffee beans, the difference comes in at the brewing process and the way the coffee beans used for each machine are roasted. Coffee makers use filter coffee beans, which tend to be lighter than espresso roasts, which are usually much darker, and richer in flavor.

Coffee Makers

Also known as drip coffee makers, they are the most popular in homes. They work by pouring hot water from the reservoir over ground coffee in coffee filters, where it absorbs the flavours and oils of the beans, gradually dripping through a filter into a mug or container below. Drip coffee makers are simple, inexpensive brewers that produce large batches of regular coffee after a single use. They are also simple to clean and have a wide variety to choose from. However, drip coffee makers use coffee filters, which soak up most of the natural oils in coffee beans. Some prefer this for the clarity of flavor and potential health benefits, though for a full, rich flavor, you may want all the natural oils. And because they’re disposable, paper filters are also less environmentally-friendly. The Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker is a perfect example of an inexpensive, simple to use coffee maker, retailing at Kshs. 7,145 on our website. Not that the other coffee makers we have for sale require pro-level expertise to operate. Browse our collection of coffee makers to see for yourself.

Espresso Machines

Espresso is a coffee-making method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under pressure (expressed) through finely-ground coffee beans. This is how an espresso machine works. They are usually for commercial use although you could find one in the home of a coffee enthusiast. They come in two types: automatic and semi-automatic. An automatic espresso machine, as the name suggests, works all on its own. You are only required to measure the coffee grounds and water and put them in their correct reservoirs, along with tamping (packing) the grounds. You press a button that handles everything else. There is an internal timer that stops the extraction, and in a few seconds, you have quality espresso waiting for you. Easy, right? A great automatic espresso machine for consideration is the Philips Series 2200 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine sold at Kshs. 75,995 on our website. Steep pricing indeed, but its easy selection of coffee with the intuitive touch display, automatic descaling for your convenience and easy cleaning thanks to the fully removable brew group and more make this a worthy purchase.

Semi-automatic espresso machines on the other hand have a more hands-on approach; they do less of the work for you and allow you to learn more about the craft of espresso making. You get to control some aspects that you cannot with the automatic espresso machine, such as the length of a shot (cup of espresso). A wonderful and (somewhat) pocket-friendly espresso machine has to be the De'Longhi ECO311W Pump Espresso Machine, retailing at Kshs. 31,995 on our website.

Although espresso machines are pricey, a bit difficult to clean, don’t make regular coffee (unless it’s a 2-in-1 machine) and the semi-automatic ones having the potential to be difficult to use, they yield excellent coffee which can be used in a vast variety of other coffee drinks and work very, very fast. Not to mention while using an espresso machine, whether automatic or semi-automatic, one learns a new skill.


Choosing the machine that is right for you mainly depends on whether you want coffee or espresso. Also, your budget and brewing needs (brewing for one or for many, etc) are factors to consider. All in all, we have great quality coffee makers and espresso machines for sale on our website. How about you browse and take your pick?

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