Coffee Maker Vs. Espresso Machine, What’s The Difference? - Homely Kenya

Coffee Maker Vs. Espresso Machine, What’s The Difference?

Before diving into the nitty gritty of the machines, let us first know the difference between the end product of each machine. A coffee maker/machine makes, well, coffee, also known as filter coffee or drip coffee. An espresso machine makes espresso. Both yields are named after each machine’s brewing process. Both coffee and espresso are made from coffee beans, the difference comes in at the brewing process and the way the coffee beans used for each machine are roasted. Coffee makers use filter coffee beans, which tend to be lighter than espresso roasts, which are usually much darker, and richer in flavor.

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Baking For Amatuers - Homely Kenya

Baking For Amatuers

Baking is not only for the pros, some recipes are simple to follow and turn out exceptionally well, provided you have the right bakeware of course. The Prestige products in the Bakeware subsection of the Cookware & Storage section of our website are definitely the right tools for the job. To see just how easy baking can be, take a look at some pretty easy recipes that even you can try out. Really.
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No, All The Pots and Pans Are Not The Same - Homely Kenya

No, All The Pots and Pans Are Not The Same

If you remember the last time you were in a laboratory (doing a chemistry or biology experiment maybe?) you might remember the emphasis of the use of the right apparatus for specific tasks. The same applies to cooking; it being a science, specific cookware works best for specific dishes. You might use anything to cook anything, but trust us when we tell you the end result won’t be as good and the process might be strenuous. So, what do you use to cook what and why? Let us get down to the specifics of the usage of the Prestige cookware products available for purchase on our website.
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Meal Planning; So Much To Cook, So Little Time - Homely Kenya

Meal Planning; So Much To Cook, So Little Time

Meal Planning is asking the ‘what’s for dinner’ question once for the whole week, instead of every night, then shopping for and prepping the ingredients before cooking. Focusing on the busy, economic savvy individual who understands the value of the term ‘there’s food at home’, a key part of meal planning is having the appropriate storage accessories, like the Tescoma and Brabantia products in the Food Storage subsection of the Cookware & Storage section of our website.
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Dining In In Style - Homely Kenya

Dining In In Style

Fine dining is definitely not only about the food; bet a scrumptious meal laid down for one to eat on the floor won’t be as appealing as the exact same meal perfectly placed on eye-catching tableware. The Correlle products in the Dinner Sets subsection of the Serverware section of our website are ideal, with their simple yet elegant designs, adding sophistication to home cooked meals.
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Matching Your Space With Your Personality - Homely Kenya

Matching Your Space With Your Personality

How convenient for it is for someone to walk into your home and immediately have an idea of who you are. Saves you an awkward few minutes of small talk, what a relief. For the pursuit of uniqueness and personification you can turn to the Sirocco products sold here at Homely Kenya to make your home, office, room...wherever deemed as your space, solely yours.
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Juicers in Kenya - Homely Kenya

Juicers in Kenya

How much does a juicer cost? A quality Juicer can cost between Kes 9,295/- and 17,995/- in Kenya. What is the difference between a juicer and a blender? A juicer separates the fibre from the rest of the fruit or vegetables. ......

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